We measure our success by your happiness!

In 1997, we had an idea...there must be others out there like us who want to learn about past cultures by having tangible and portable reproductions for their homes and offices, but have difficulty finding pieces for their collections. And we were right! Since we formed our business six years ago as, we have shipped to thousands of customers worldwide--all of whom share a similar passion for history and lost eras, culture and travel, and quality merchandise and superior customer service.

Where do we find our artworks? We visit many markets and manufacturers around the world in search of the widest selection of reproductions. You might spot us at a storefront in Pompeii or a Paris manufacturing warehouse looking for a new item which will fascinate our customers.

For our curator, we have Nina Christensen (M.A.), an art historian and college instructor, who has the scholarly experience to guide us with our selection. Nina has a Master of Arts in Art History with an emphasis on the Roman Era and and now teaches art history at a local college. Nina is instrumental in identifying artworks with cultural, mythological, and political significance. Under her direction, each artwork is researched and identified with a description/provenance card so as to pass along a rich understanding of the historical value of the artwork to our customers. We also publish a monthly newsletter about artists and cultures represented in our collection.

We appreciate the contributions of our entire staff. We have specialists in graphic design, website programming, art history, customer service, and distribution. Every staff member completes an extensive training program in all aspects of our operations. We cross-train so that everyone can help our customers--our number one priority!